82 clodagh morgan 1.2The revised Visual Art Curriculum emphasises the displaying of work in a positive way and encourages children to discuss their own work as well as the work done by others. An Images Art Exhibition fits well with the new Art Curriculum allowing children to look and respond to their own work as well as to work done by others.

All children love doing art at school and the exhibition is a great opportunity for them to show off their talent to parents, teachers and friends. An Images exhibition allows them to see their work come to life, displayed on stands in beautiful real wood frames.

Class Visit

One of the most important features of the exhibition is the class visit, during which the children are encouraged to look, respond, admire and discuss what they see.

Parent Visit

Later on in the day they get an opportunity to show their parents what they have produced and to bask in the praise which inevitably comes their way. In a nutshell, the exhibition is an opportunity for everyone to shine, there are no competitions or prizes and everyone’s talent is displayed equally.

Teachers Verdict on the Exhibition as an Educational Experience

“As a teacher I loved the inclusiveness of the event. Everyone took part and we were all winners”   St Mary’s Convent, Nenagh

“The feedback from the children highlighted the value of a professional display of their work as endorsed by the Revised Art Curriculum. They were in awe”     Scoil Angela Thurles

“It really emphasised the importance of their work and how we value it within the School Curriculum”  St Feilim’s N.S. Bailieboro 

“A very equal project in that all the children participated and academic ability did not matter”  Gaelscoil Ultain, Monaghan